The roots

A 3,640 kilometre square pantry, surrounded by
the Mediterranean Sea and bathed by the sun.

The roots
The market

The wealth of the island can be appreciated in its daily markets,
in the form of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and condiments.

The market
The genesis

Every day we create and prepare a different menu focused
on our roots and the fresh products.

The genesis
The chef

“At the Hotel and Catering School I discovered the pleasure of cooking,
or in other words, the pleasure of being happy fulfilling
what destiny had prepared for me.” - Marga Coll

The chef

Any time of day is perfect to live the Arrels experience.
Discover our 5-stage
breakfast and our sampling menu for lunch and dinner.


Land, water and sun

A 3,640 kilometre square pantry,
surrounded by the Mediterranean and bathed by the sun.

Mallorca is the place that offers everything so that the Arrels experience makes sense. Arrels means roots in majorcan and it is precisely in the island’s deepest roots that the essence of this distinct restaurant is sustained.

The season

The Mediterranean climate and its four seasons
decide the exact moment when the products
offered by the sea and the land have to be harvested.

A natural process that at Arrels,
being the basis of our cuisine, we deeply respect: seasonal produce.

The daily selection

The wealth of the island can be appreciated in its daily markets, in the form of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and condiments.

The day’s best products will end up being part of the menu at Arrels. Because this is how our menu is decided, choosing the best produce the day offers us.

The fresh products

The selection criteria that inspires chef Marga Coll every morning implies, above all, quality and freshness.

Many of the selected products are native of Mallorca. Others not, because to enrich the daily menu at Arrels, the most important thing is not origin but excellence, and there are excellent products that come from other places and arrive fresh at the island’s different markets.

The wine cellar

All the dishes have one or more wines that complement them to round off the circle of a complete gastronomic experience.

In our bodega we have the best red, white and rosé wines from Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands, as well as the best Designation of Origin wines from Spain. There is always a wine to accompany a good dish and at Arrels we offer you an extensive selection for the perfect pairing.

Philosophy & inspiration

A menu faithful to Balearic traditions.

Always keeping in mind the respect for tradition and roots, for the taste and gastronomic wealth of centuries, and for the culinary wisdom of those who preceded us, every day we create something of our very own, something very special. The textures, flavours and colours that differentiate us allow us in keep touch with real cuisine.

The kitchen

The daily menu at Arrels begins to take shape very early in the morning in one of the local markets.

Marga Coll in person chooses the best products that she will later cook, transforming top quality, fresh ingredients into exquisite dishes. At Arrels, it is the Market that defines the menu every day.

Marga Coll

I have always believed that destiny had prepared precisely this for me: to enjoy cooking and the pleasure of thinking that people will like what I make every day.

Since I was just a girl, I can remember the interest, passion and curiosity that the traditional Mallorquin dishes cooked at home stirred in me.

Both at the Hotel and Catering School, and in the different restaurants in which I have had the luck to develop and perfect my vocation, it was clear to me that my goal was to build a culinary world of my own. That is why, in 2012, we opened Miceli, and that since 2016, I have managed the kitchen at Arrels.

Tradition & avant-garde

Marga is in love with Mallorca, its products and its culinary traditions.

From the beginning, Marga’s raison d’ètre has been to recover, reinvent and reclaim a cuisine rich in flavour and variety, but always showing it the deepest respect, and providing esteem and value to an indisputable culinary tradition.

At any time, the best option

The three main culinary moments of the day are ideally represented at Arrels.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner always with the philosophy that makes us special: from the market to the table.

The Arrels breakfast

The one that they say is the most important meal of the day has a very special role at Arrels.

A different breakfast, the only one of its kind on the island. A taste and sensory experience lasting over two hours, an exquisite five-stage tour of Balearic gastronomy.

The dinner

The day ends and the magic begins

The night, the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the suggestive lighting of the delicate gardens and the best ingredients selected daily always result in a magical evening of incomparable colours, textures and flavours.

An ideal location

The sea, the luxury, the service and the intimate and discreet elegance of a place designed for adults only makes the Hotel de Mar, a Gran Meliá Hotel different and distinct, and the perfect location to enjoy a unique dining experience.


Hotel de Mar, a Gran Meliá Hotel

Designed by the renowned architect José Antonio Coderch, the Hotel de Mar, a Gran Meliá Hotel is much more than a 5-star hotel.

Due to its location and services, it is one of the most important hotels on the island. It is the perfect example of the commitment to contemporary luxury by the most exclusive brand at Meliá Hotels International.